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Holding the Belly

Welcome to Mary-Jane Doula



A little about me

Hi, I'm Mary-Jane and I am a mentored continuum doula providing care to parents-to-be across the Fylde Coast and wider area. I completed the continuum doula course in October 2022 and this allowed me to develop the knowledge and skills I need to provide a nurtured and held experience for people during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  ​After I gave birth to my daughter in 2020 a lot changed for me and my passion for birth, breastfeeding and perinatal care really grew. I am truly dedicated to supporting you through this journey and learning about you and what your own personal aspirations are for this time in your life. ​I believe the continuum model is the most in-depth and consistent approach as it amounts to around 6 prenatal and 6 postnatal sessions as well as continued care throughout birth. I follow it to ensure I can truly get to know you, your family and your expectations and help you to make informed decisions that can be comfortable for you.​​

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